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At a time when record numbers of people are working from home and businesses are ever more reliant on their online presence, the competition for customer attention has never been more important. We create corporate content to help your business stand out.  


professional headshots

Working from home still requires a 

professional headshot. So whether it’s for LinkedIn profile, or your business profile, we've got you covered.  Your headshot can be taken at a convenient location to suit your schedule. We bring portable studio equipment to quickly set up in a small space and take your portrait with no fuss. 

web content


LinkedIn, Facebook and any other social media platforms that you use for your business, should all be tied to your corporate identity. We unify the imagery across your professional landscape. Our photography is engaging, with a natural feel that highlights the services you have to offer and reinforces your mission statement. Our reportage style is guaranteed to drive clients to your online platform. 

press & editorial


In other news...  you can rest assured that your photos will be of the highest standard. Olaleye Media produce content for editorial, such as news media, fashion and other high profile events.

video production